Get WebriQ Certified

By Philippe Bodart | Created on August 3, 2016

Get Certified with WebriQ CMS system for building and managing Static Pages

How To Get Certified

1. Create An Account

Create your free account and start creating your own static website

create account

2. Use WebriQ Boilerplate

Navigate to Quicklinks Developer Boilerplate or you can go directly to Use the documentation to start building your site


3. Create Slack Account On WebriQHQ

Go to to create your account and start chatting with other developers or chat with one of WebriQ developers on the Q&A channel


4. Submit Domain

Once you are done submit your domain(s) to


5. Website Review

Upon positive review you will receive a WebriQ Developers certificate and a 70% discount on our PRO service for a period of 1 Year, representing a value of $245 per year per site.


6. Profile Listed

Your profile will be listed in our APP, so that potential customers on the platform can contact you for jobs that need to be done on websites on the WebriQ platform.

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